Memo Coronavirus

Corona virus

Dear partner,

The coronavirus has tightened its grip on all of Europe. We are taking this situation very seriously, working hard to ensure the best possible care and protection for our employees, clients and business partners. 

Support for our clients and partners is ensured by our employees at its normal high-quality level. Nevertheless, we need to ask for your understanding as we are temporarily limiting business trips and refraining from direct contact, such as shaking hands. Our employees have been instructed to adhere strictly to hygiene standards. Wherever possible meetings online are preferred. visits in person should be reduced to an absolute minimum whereby generally known protection measures (hygiene standards, keeping a min. 1,5 metre distance, etc.) shall be applied. 

Our customer and after-sales support team remain at your service as much as possible; however, please note that our technicians must also observe the respective protection standards.

Production continues at all Plasticon locations and our workshop at this moment and we remain in regular contact with our suppliers whose deliveries of the necessary raw materials and semi-finished products are currently preserved. If despite our most careful and foresighted planning, and responsible approach to the coronavirus pandemic, any unforseeable delays should occur in single cases due to force majeure, the affected clients will be immediately informed by the project management. Other applicable measures and procedures will be accordingly implemented in agreement with the management and in collaboration with our clients.

We are monitoring the situation very closely, assuring the maximum transparency and open communication on our part if the situation were to change considerably.

Yours faithfully,

Thermopol Kunststoftechniek